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4/29/2018 10:30 AM - 4:00 PM

This is an intermediate ride down the parkway to 74-A   then onto #9 then through Chimney Rock and on into Saluda.

We will stop in Saluda (Marathon gas stop) for a brief rest after which we will proceed back the way we came and then on to #108 into Tryon for lunch at the Mr. Juan's mexican restaurant.

After lunch we will ride into Tryon to #176 and back into Saluda (Marathon gas stop) where we end the ride.

This ride will take approx. 4.5 hours (including lunch and break). Meet at the dealership at 10:30 and KSU at 11:00.

Bring a friend, All are welcome to ride with us!

Be aware this is an advanced ride with a lot of curves and a few switchbacks.


Route Map:

View detailed route of The Switchback Ride in a larger map

Road Captain: Mike Scott
Sweep: Don Hilderbrand
Mileage: approx 80
Restaurant: Cocula Mexican Restaurant
Visitor's welcome! Come ride and have fun!

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